WHY do people make New Year’s resolutions but DON’T ACHIEVE THEM?

Perhaps we shouldn’t call them New Year Resolutions!

But seriously here’s my take.


Remember that it is not the BIG steps that lead to success; it’s the accumulation of SMALL steps that is what makes the biggest difference! 

James Clear in his book ‘ATOMIC HABITS’ tells us that if we can better by 1% every day, we will end up with results that are nearly 37 times better after one year. (Here’s the maths on this 1.01 to the power of 365 = 37.78).

So, what matters the most when SETTING NEW GOALS is CONSISTENCY + COMMITMENT – just keep taking those small steps FORWARD!


Perhaps you don’t have a BIG ENOUGH REASON to make changes and stay committed to new actions. MOTIVation requires a MOTIVE – so if you find yourself uninspired to take the NEXT STEP, ask yourself if ‘Am I NOT DREAMING BIG ENOUGH?’

So, here is the KEY to achieving your goals in 2023!

1. DECIDE what you WANT or WHAT you want to CHANGE.

2. Take IMMEDIATE ACTION forward toward that goal, TODAY (buy a book, make a phone call, GET a COACH, anything!)

3. COMMIT to taking SMALL STEPS every day toward that goal.


ASK yourself ‘HOW will you keep yourself ACCOUNTABLE?’

What will be your REWARD?

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