What’s going on in Automotive and not just another coaching post about Imposter Syndrome

I’m concluding that if a Coach doesn’t know what to write about the default seems to be Impostor Syndrome.

However, I was encouraged to write this post by two of my clients. One that I mentor and another that I coach.

They both asked me, independently, why I never write about the coaching that I do in the Automotive market, where I spent 30+ years of my career.

Suppressed Impostor Syndrome?

My take on Impostor Syndrome is this – ‘How much of our Impostor Syndrome do we absorb from other people and not just that inner critic that’s inside of us, chattering away telling us what we should and should not do?’

So often I have people come to me who have become so defined by the job that they do and things that people have said to them that they have lost sight of who they are.

When I’m coaching people around Impostor Syndrome, we also look at resilience.

How much do you want this?

What are you prepared to do to succeed?

If you knew you couldn’t fail, what would you do?

I experienced this myself.

After I left my last corporate role, I had a 12-month break, took my professional coaching qualification, and launched my own business.

Several people were interested, and many people said, ‘You’re a what?’

And then the self-doubt creeps in.

But that’s when the magic of coaching kicks in. That safe space that is created allows you to kick about your ideas, reconnect with yourself and dig down into what you want from your life.

I’ve benefited from some great coaching from some great coaches over the past 10+ years.

But then a lot of people didn’t know that I had been mentoring/coaching for about 20+ years.

Those that know, know.

So ‘What is going on in Automotive?’ ‘Who has benefited from Coaching?’

  • Managers who wanted more motivated and higher-performing teams
  • Managers in their first management role needed help to succeed because the organization didn’t support them.
  • People who needed help with their personal development.
  • People looking to manage transitions in their career and personal life.
  • People who recognized that they had a lot more to give and get and were not happy to settle with what they had.

My business is 3 years old in June. I launched during the pandemic.

When I look back on how far I’ve come, with the right focused support, it’s been incredible.

When I look back on the feedback from ex-colleagues, clients, and customers whom I’ve helped in that time it’s humbling.

When you look back over the last year, or two years or three years, are you where you expected or wanted to be?

If not, why not?

Are you going to settle for what life is giving you, and be defined by the job that you do?

Or are you going to silence that inner voice and dwell in the possibility of what could be?

If you are not prepared to settle for less than you are then let’s start a conversation.

Contact me here through my website.

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