I’m 2 months into working with a new Coach who asked me this question this week. It transpires that what I want is different from what I thought I wanted and where I wanted to go with my business.

And yet I thought that I had answered this question for myself.

It made me realise how much of our lives go by without getting clarity around this important question.

When working with what I’ve noticed is that often their goals and intentions reflect what other people want from them or what society is telling them that they should be or should want or should have.

Holding a mirror up to myself this week has been liberating for me, frustrating for some, and p***** off others.

But I have a Coach because she is there to help me to do just this, determine what I WANT not what I NEED.

You don’t NEED Coaching you have to WANT it. Because YOU must WANT something to be different.

So, slow down and ask yourself,

‘What if you gave yourself permission to consider what you WANT?’

‘What if you dared to explore and discover what truly mattered to YOU?’

Dwell in the possibility of what your life could be.

How will you challenge yourself to change this year and do what you WANT, on YOUR terms?

How important are YOU to YOU?

When the time is right for YOU, let’s start a conversation.

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