When things change inside you, things change around you.

Your outside world will always follow your inside thoughts.

The most powerful, meaningful, and impactful relationship you’ll ever have is the one you have with yourself. Is that relationship strong, kind, compassionate, encouraging and resilient?

What changed?

Transformative coaching is a scientific and psychologically informed way of coaching. It begins with an honest self-assessment of you, your attitudes, strengths, values, and beliefs before supporting you to become your own best friend and ally for being well, living well, and doing well.

Using a blend of coaching and positive psychology interventions you will gain:

  • Increased self-awareness, personal growth & well-being
  • ​The courage to trust your ideas, thoughts, and feelings, and to be yourself
  • ​The confidence to fulfil your dreams and make the impossible, possible
  • ​Congruency with your heart and intuition
  • ​Freedom from self-doubt
  • ​Belief in your self-worth

With my support and guidance, you will embark on an upward spiral of well-being, resilience, and success that harnesses your latent inner power, courage, and creativity to positively transform your life.



Balanced is a 4-month One-to-One Coaching Programme for Transformation designed to help you find the authentic you and bring you clarity and purpose. It will help you uncover your deepest motivation to bring more focus to your life. It is for people wanting to find fulfilment and make a lasting change and difference in the world.

Balanced goes deeper than just exploring your skills and coming up with a to-do list. As a coaching program, it recognizes that change must start on the inside. It will also enable you to:

Discover who you are beneath the identities and roles you play

Build belief in what’s possible so you can stop holding yourself back

Connect with your intuition so that you can make more confident decisions about what comes next

Release the blocks which have been keeping you stuck so you can create room to move forward

Feel more grounded so that you can make better choices and allow true clarity to appear

Find a deeper sense of purpose

Session 1:

Breaking the Change Cycle

Discover what is holding you back and what stops you from making changes in your life. 

Session 2:

Who do you want to be?

What do you want? What do you need to get there?

Session 3:

A Mindset for Success

Developing a Growth Mindset

Session 4:

Transforming from Within

Questioning and challenging your beliefs

Session 5:

Getting Ready to Succed

Identify the roadblocks to change

Session 6:

The Psychology of Creating Lasting Change

The power of pain and pleasure. Empowering your vision

Session 7:

The Practical Steps to Creating Change

Identify what it takes, the tools to get you there, and setting accountability.

What’s included in the Balanced coaching program:

7 x One-to-One Coaching Sessions focused on you and your growth

Worksheets and tools to guide your sessions, give you fresh insights and help structure your thoughts

Investment £POA

Monthly Payment Plan Available

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