Stress – Part 2.2 – Asking for Help

Welcome back to Stress and to Part 2.2 – Asking for Help.

In Stress 2.1 we looked at how we can identify our own Stress.

In Stress 2.2 I’m going to explore Asking for Help.

So straight in…

‘Why do we find it so difficult to ask for help?

We help others who ask for our help, yet we are so reluctant to ask for it for ourselves.

Many of us have created a social construct where we ‘do life’ on our own, asking for help is weak, so we create our own protective shield.

We don’t ask because we don’t want to appear greedy, scared, afraid of yes/no, feeling stupid, rejected, being a burden, or arrogant.

The potential consequences of living on our own? Resentment, disappointment, punishment, suffering, judgement, gossiping, and feeling like a victim.

Being alone can lead to Stress and overwhelm.

Asking for help is courageous and brave – it’s an opportunity to deepen our relationships.

As human beings, we don’t have it all together all the time – and that’s OK.

We feel like a victim when we think we can’t or are unable to change our circumstances.

If you are feeling any of the above, try to make time either today or over the weekend for the following exercise:

➡️ In what area of your life are you currently feeling frustrated, stressed, or overwhelmed?

➡️ Who in your life could make a difference in that area?

➡️ What do you want to ask them for?

➡️ Why are you not asking them for what you want or the support that you need?

➡️ What is the impact on you for not asking for what you want or need?

➡️ Will you ask now you know the answers to the above 5 questions?

➡️ When will you ask?

Often, we don’t ask for help or support because we don’t take the time to consider the help or support that we need.

A lot of the work I do as a Coach is to help people to increase their own level of self-awareness so that they can reconnect with who they are and what they want. It’s never too late to do this.

At times this can be really challenging because of the weight of baggage that we carry around, our own and other people’s. We lose sight of the things that light us up, the things that we are passionate about.

If you need support from outside of your own circle or network, then consider working with a Coach.

Think about the last time that you were really listened to and heard.

In Coaching, this is your reality, why not dwell in the possibility of that?

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