Stress – Part 2.1 – Identifying Stress

Welcome to Stress Part 2.1

Why 2.1, well there’s a 2.2 as well this week as this one is a bit too long for LinkedIn in one go…

In Stress Part 1 I set the scene for this month’s posts, and we looked at Mental and Physical Stress.

In this week’s posts, 2.1 will look at Identifying Stress, and 2.2 will consider Asking for Help.

So, let’s dive in.

The Stress that we feel can manifest itself in us in several ways, stress is personal to us.

Current research shows that modern-day Stress is a complex mix of physical, chemical, mental, and emotional blended with environmental factors.

It is personal because our own Stress is dependent on the meaning, we attribute to our response to it.

If we consider just one of those factors, our environment, the relentlessness of working in a digital 24/7 world can lead to chronic stress which left unchecked can lead to chronic trauma.

So how do you create change or a more positive response to the stress that shows up for you?

Firstly, you need to be able to identify how, when, and what form your stress takes when it shows up.

Quite often stress will manifest when you carry over yesterday’s concerns into our present-day concerns. An accumulation of this will almost always end up in a high-stress level.

In starting your own thought process around this consider:

💠What wakes you up in the middle of the night?

💠What do you wake up in the morning worrying about?

💠In a typical day/week when do you feel most overwhelmed?

💠Are you going through a change in your personal or professional life and is this situation contributing to your stress or anxiety?

When considering your answers to these questions, ask yourself ‘What do I have control over and what could I change?’

Then ask, ‘Who could help me with this?’

This leads quite nicely into the second part of today’s post 2.2 – Asking for help.

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