Should I Stay or Should I Go

The Clash, IMO, the greatest rock ‘n’ roll band that I’ve ever seen live!

Pure energy!

And energy has been on my mind this year. It’s an interesting thing to grapple with.

When we have it, we’re like the Duracell bunny, everything is possible.

When we don’t, it seems like every corner we turn takes in the wrong direction and every slope seems longer and steeper.

Personally, my energy is low if I lose focus and/or direction.

I’m a serial planner so I’ve developed a routine that allows me to maintain that focus and direction.

I’m committed to planning.

Don’t get me wrong, everything doesn’t always go to plan.

But I’m prepared to accept that, life throws us curve balls and I’ll fail.

But if I have focus, direction, and commitment, then I can get back on plan.

And if I struggle, which at times I will, I always have my own coach and peer group for support and accountability.

About 20 days into the New Year, most peoples’ resolutions or goals will have fallen by the wayside. 93% give or take the odd percentage point.

Shopping trolleys are filled up with the things that we said we were going to give up.

Trainers and gym gear slowly working their way to the back of the wardrobe for another 12 months, or they could possibly get an airing just before the summer holidays.

Alas, here we are again.

But why?

Well, change is hard.

Change takes time.

You don’t become who you want to be, by staying where you are.

Quite often you won’t get there because you don’t have the resilience and mindset to go it alone.

I know, ouch!

Your commitment to your dream will continue to get tested at every point. The bigger the dream the bigger the test and the more that must change.

So, as you slip into the weekend, reflect on the last 20 days.

How is it going?

Are things going to plan?

What changes are you going to make to get there, to you and your plan?

What will be different on Monday?

Will you STAY or will you GO?

If you need help getting back on track.

Get in touch – link in the comments.

Let’s start a conversation and make this your best year yet.

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