You do not need coaching, nobody needs coaching. 

You must want to be coached. You must want change.

You have a default future that will just happen on its own if your life doesn’t change.

You are not meant to stand still.


Or do you just allow the default to happen?

You continue to play small.

If you commit to developing yourself, you are living your true purpose.

Coaching WILL change your life. 

Here’s a testimonial from my client Martin:

I’ve been coached by Michael for over 9 months now. I’d known him before he started his business but was referred to him by a colleague who had been coached by him. I’d had coaching in my job before but nothing like this. Michael’s coaching is challenging, at times I’ve felt uncomfortable, but my life is so much better because of this. I felt like I was going soft. Now I have more clarity over where I’m going and what I want. It has been and continues to be life-changing. 

If you have been coached before and that wasn’t your experience, you were either not committed to the outcome or you were never coached.

Will the next 12 months be your best year ever or will you continue to move by default?

What stops you from going all out?

When you’re ready you’ll call me.

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