My goal is to help you to make your life better over time. Our sessions are about you, your experiences, feelings, and beliefs. We will work on the difficulties you have with taking action and your inability to make the decisions needed to follow through and realise your potential. 

There is no standard coaching approach or template. Transformation is the only objective.

Your commitment to change has already started and your journey continues here.

Coaching will change your life.

As a Coach, I come to the partnership as a facilitator, someone who will challenge, inspire, empathize, and hold you to account. 

​​I listen to what is being said behind your words and by reflecting them back to you like a mirror, I help you to ‘see’ the emotions behind them. 

Over time you will learn how to adjust your life’s sail to live in full alignment with what is important to you and help you to live congruently with the person you are meant to be.

Through this process you will discover:

  • Who you are, outside of the roles that you play
  • Who you want to be
  • Where your passion lies
  • Where you want this journey to take you

​This powerful process of self-exploration will unlock your potential and allow you to find your true self, giving you the confidence to make the ‘right’ choices to live this new chapter the way you want to live it.

Each session involves creating actions for you to take in between. In addition, I will share strategies with you to help build your confidence, manage any stress or anxiety you may feel and begin to create a life that reflects the balance that you are looking for.

I do not tell you what to do. But I will support, encourage, challenge, and motivate you to find the answers inside you and to connect you with that part of you that knows whether something rings true for you or not.

I have my own Coach and so I experience the amazing benefits of coaching first-hand. It keeps me on track and continues to give me ideas for ways to constantly improve myself and the coaching I give to you.

Together we can develop the awareness you need to make progress to a more fulfilling life.

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