What is Life Coaching?

Coaching is a journey from one place to another. Your goal is a place that you start from.

In Life Coaching, this can be a thought-provoking conversation between you and your coach. This conversation should gently challenge you to consider and create new ways of thinking. Life Coaching keeps you moving forward.

I support you to create and start living a more fulfilling life. By helping you to identify and achieve specific goals, I aim to put you back in control of your life and help you to achieve more clarity, certainty, and positive outcomes whilst we work through whatever is holding you back.

Life Coaching considers all aspects of your life, Career, Relationships, Health, Hobbies, Finances, Friends, Family, and Fun. Life Coaching should be ‘whole-person’ or ‘whole-life’ centred.

I use a wide variety of coaching tools and interventions which help you to move forward. I will help you to identify and achieve your goals, build your confidence and self-esteem along the way, and ensure you move forward towards greater life satisfaction and personal success.

In practice, coaching is a confidential and non-judgemental conversation entirely focused on you and your life. It is through dialogue – my gentle, probing questions and your thoughtful analysis and decision-making, that positive change occurs in the mind, enabling you to make decisive decisions that will directly influence your actions and behaviour in your day-to-day life.

Is Life Coaching for You?

Are you feeling frustrated, overwhelmed, or disillusioned with your day-to-day life? Then, yes, Life Coaching can help you. Do you lack confidence in yourself or your capabilities? Then Life Coaching is also for you. If you procrastinate, lack direction, suffer from poor time management, or poor work-life balance, then these issues can be resolved with my help.

Alternatively, if you are already successful, confident, and ambitious you know that self-development is a good investment. Working with me will ensure you have the time to enjoy and continue to build on your success whilst you stay at the top of your game and operate from the peak of your potential when it matters the most.

What Life Coaching is Not…

Life Coaching is not therapy or counselling, it is future-focused and helps you to identify your goals and the direction for your life. It explores your strengths, helps you to manage your weaknesses, and encourages you to take positive action today for a brighter tomorrow.

How long will I need life coaching?

The duration of the coaching relationship is decided by you – this can vary enormously depending upon the complexity of your circumstances and your personal goals. The frequency of your coaching sessions is also decided by you, although I would recommend weekly or fortnightly appointments, to begin with. We can discuss this further during our first coaching conversation.

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Realise Your Potential

Realise Your Potential is a personalized one-to-one coaching program running for a minimum period of 3 months. It is designed to help you identify and release your blocks, find your flow and purpose in life. Everything you are looking for and everything you need to make it happen already exists within you.

Realise Your Potential:

Introduces you to practical strategies and mindset work to help you to move forward with renewed confidence and self-belief

Acknowledges the congruency of your head and heart instead of viewing them in isolation

Helps you to identify and move past any blocks and resistance to allow you to realise your potential

Program contents:

Whether in your professional or personal life we will focus on your specific aims and goals in a way that is tailored to you.


Begin to understand your life purpose at a deeper level so you can start to make more of an impact in the world and feel more deeply motivated.


Get fresh perspective and insight on your life and more clarity on the right direction forward. 


Find new ways to manage your time and create space for your priorities. Reduce feelings of overwhelm and increase your effectiveness in and out of work.


Reconnect with who you truly are beneath the roles you play. Start showing up in your life and find re-alignment with your Authentic Self.


Develop your inner confidence and courage to help you make life changes, releasing any blocks and negative thought patterns that have kept you stuck and playing small.


Stop procrastinating get out of your head and begin to make positive changes.


Discover new ways to start owning your talents and showing up in the world more confidently.


Access your deep source of self-worth so that you can embrace the success you want. 

What's included in the Realise Your Potential Coaching Programme?

Personalised One-to-One Coaching Sessions, focused on the topics you need most

Practical strategies to support you in realising your potential.

Worksheets and tools on key topics to structure your thoughts and draw out insights

Investment from POA per Month

Minimum Three Months