Letting Go – Part 2

In part 1 of Letting Go, I mentioned a technique I had used with several clients and would share an example.

So, here goes…

My client had been referred to me by a current client. She worked as a sales manager and struggled with her life purpose, confidence, and relationships at work and personally.

In one of our early sessions, we were exploring relationships that ended up back to childhood. Because of what was showing up in our discussions, we began to explore the relationship with her dad.

I had asked if this was something that she wanted to explore further, and she said no, and we moved on with our session.

On a third occasion, we addressed it.

Whilst a good role model, she felt that she had missed out on a loving relationship with her dad. She hadn’t had that Little House on the Prairie upbringing and the fulfilling emotional connection that she longed for

The impact of this was that she struggled with emotional confidence in relationships with men professionally and personally.

We explored the relationship further and I asked her ‘What could she do to get what she wanted?’

Through further discussion, she admitted that she didn’t think it would ever happen, so she needed to tackle it in another way and try to get a different perspective.

She realised that she had to let it go.

So that is what she did.

And it set her free.

The magic of coaching is that you get to go deeper to explore how you think, a time to explore your options on your terms, without interruption to the flow of your thoughts.

How you let go is up to you but getting to that point of recognising that you must, to be able to move forward, is THE step.

As for my client – she walked into a field holding a balloon, she had written her thoughts upon it,

And she let it go…

We hadn’t discussed this; this was her way to let go.

If you are stuck,

Scared of moving forward,

Can’t get out of your head,

Then get in touch.

Who could you be and what could you achieve, if you just, let go?

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