Letting Go – Part 1

What might it feel like to just let go?

I’m indebted to Hayley Carr for the following short, thought-provoking text/meditation.

It is an exercise/meditation that I have previously taken clients through with great impact.

Lose yourself for a while.

In Part 2, later this week, I will share one client’s story.

In the meantime, find a comfortable seated position where you won’t be distracted, relax, and let go.

Take a deep breath. Let it go. Relax, a little deeper.


In a moment I’m going to ask you to breathe a little deeper, sink into your seat a bit more and relax.

Breathe a little deeper. Let it go.

Sink a little deeper.

And relax.

Let the sounds around you blend into the background.

Think about where you are right now in your life.

It could be your personal or professional life.

It doesn’t matter which but just think about where you are right now.

And ask yourself ‘What is stopping you from going further?’

‘What is stopping you from committing more?’

‘What are you holding on to?’

Then ask yourself ‘What might it feel like to just let go?’

What might it feel like to just let go?

Letting go is releasing the effort.

Releasing the effort of staying where you are.

Letting go is getting back into the flow back into your life’s purpose.

It is not giving up or being weak.

It doesn’t mean you have to forget.

Letting go sets you free to move on.

What would it feel like to just let go?

Take yourself to somewhere you feel relaxed. A place where the instant you arrive, your shoulders relax. You start to breathe deeply.

Hear the sounds around you and feel the feelings of being right there.

Completely and deeply relaxed.

In the distance, something is coming toward you.

As it gets closer you notice that it is the person or experience that you are holding on to. Tightly.

See it wrapped up in a bow.

Feel in your body where you are holding on tight.

Notice the cords connecting you and it.

Now, imagine you take out a big, beautiful blade and you sever the connections.

Even though you might be holding on you can imagine yourself being separated for a moment.

This freedom means forgiving yourself.

You can find it within yourself to feel congruent enough to let it go.

Reach over and undo the bow.

And tell yourself ‘I’m letting this go.’

As you pull the ribbon off the situation it’s now free and so are you.

Back in the flow.

I’m letting this go.

I am moving on.

As you do this the situation dissipates.

Notice the strength in you as you do so.

The energy you have now claimed back to place into other avenues.

Take a deep breath and

Slowly return to where you are, right now, this present moment.

Continue to breathe.

Notice the sensations of freedom.

Continue to breathe.

What is the first thing you feel called to do?

Take a deep breath.

Trust yourself and go and do it…

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