Shaping the future of the next generation of leaders

At The Leap Coaching, I believe in shaping the future of the next generation of leaders in all aspects of their lives whether business or personal. Why? Because the two are seamlessly connected, as it is for the people that work for you.


The Think Like a Leader Programme


Increase employee retention & engagement


Embed and nurture a growth mindset


Develop People Skills


Increase productivity.

The Think Like a Leader Programme

I collaborate with you to highlight your top performers from all levels of your organization & support them with a learning and one-to-one coaching program tailored to your business needs and their development.

The Think Like a Leader Programme is designed to help leaders embrace the emotional intelligence that’s needed to lead in the 21st Century. A world that continues to be volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous.

Increase employee retention & engagement

Embed and nurture a growth mindset

Develop People Skills

Inspire and motivate individuals, creating a trickle-down effect in the wider business

Increase productivity

How it Works

  • Collaborate with identified individuals over a continued period
  • Discovery & goal setting session, followed by:
    • Individual 1:1 session to a pre-determined frequency
    • Accountability partnering with follow-up at the next session

Session 1:


Collaborate with identified individuals over an agreed period of time

Session 2:


Identify how people are motivated, motivational techniques, and essentials

Session 3:


Why, how, and objections to delegation.

Session 4:

Performance Management

Objective setting, personal development plans, how to deliver feedback effectively

Session 5:

Leader as a Coach

How to coach and create a coaching culture

Session 6:

Emotional Intelligence

Working with EQ, IQ, and AQ. What is the difference and how to be effective with it?

Session 7:


How to communicate to build trust and influence behaviour whilst building your credibility

Session 8:

Managing Change

Identify the process of change and how to support your people through it

What is included in the Think Like a Leader coaching program:

8 x monthly One-to-One Learning Sessions focused on you and your growth as a leader

8 x One-to-One coaching sessions to check progress, action, and accountability

Worksheets and tools to guide your sessions, give you fresh insights and help structure your thoughts

Investment £6,000

Monthly Payment Plan Available

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