Some time ago I read ‘Key Person of Influence’ by Daniel Priestley.

As a Coach, it’s quite a challenging read.

And here’s why, but first let me clarify what ‘Influence’ really means because:

  • Most people’s understanding of influence is wholly incorrect, and
  • The quality of our lives – both personally and professionally – is enormously dependent on our ability to influence. The degree of success in every relationship is determined by our ability to influence.

As a Coach, Coaching is influence – and perhaps the most powerful source of influence there is.

Clarifying the true meaning of influence for a Coach is not a “nice to have”…

it’s essential.

So here’s what you need to know:

Influence is not helping someone to become conscious of your truth, it’s helping them become conscious of their own.

And that’s the baseline from which a good Coach should work.

It’s not about me, it is all about you.

What most people think is influence is actually manipulation – it is a projection of their will, views, beliefs, and agenda into the consciousness of another individual.

Through our upbringing, education system, and society in general we are unconsciously conditioned to conform to authority figures.

As a result, when we unconsciously give authority to people in certain roles – parents, managers, teachers, salespeople, or Coaches… we run the risk of buying into their truth.

And this is all around us, we are subjected to this every day, and it has become our default setting.

Just look at how the media control you, direct you, and steal away your time.

Over time we have become wired to conform rather than to think for ourselves…

And it’s why accepting someone else’s truth is a lot easier than thinking about our own.

A good Coach brings an end to that life-detracting habit.

A good coach will help you to improve the quality of your thinking and as Jung said, ‘help you make the unconscious, conscious.’

Good Coaching is not about telling you what to do it’s about helping you to become aware of your own truth as you see it.

When you are ready to upgrade your own thinking and begin to think for yourself, let’s talk.

Let’s explore how you can begin to reconnect with yourself, with what you want, and how you want your life to be on your terms.

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