‘Your ego is the biggest reason that you will not be successful!’ was a statement made by someone in a recent group conversation on Zoom.

I understood the sentiment, especially as I am someone who has struggled with his ego in the past.

As much as the ego is sometimes depicted as a demonic force that takes over us and stops us from achieving our full potential, it’s a tool that helps us understand ourselves and navigate the world in which we live.

A problem arises when we let the ego get out of control and let it control us!

This happens when we lose our connection with ourselves and what we want. 

Life starts to happen ‘to us’ rather than ‘through us.’

We begin to conform.

Like an actor, our ego plays the roles that the world asks us to play to be part of its program.

We become the ‘alter-ego’ of ourselves.

Think about the times that you have let your ego control you.

What paths did it take you down?

What was the collateral damage?

The solution?

Is to keep sight of who you are and what you want to be in the world.

Understand where you are going.

Surround yourself with like-minded people.

Get a coach!

If you can keep in touch with yourself, your ego will not be a threat.

We keep our egos in check when we continually nurture our awareness of who we are.

Achieve this and our egos are free to serve without trying ineffectually to rule. 

It is healthy to have an ego, but like all things in life, our ego functions best when it is in balance and harmony with our whole self.

If you’re challenged by your own ‘out of control ego’, need to reconnect with who you are, and get some balance back into your life, then let’s talk – click on the link in the comments box below and book some ‘you’ time.

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