Definite Chief Aim

For this week’s post on Goals, I’ve revisited Napoleon Hill’s ‘The Law of Success’ the forerunner to ‘Think and Grow Rich.’

Why dip back to a book written in 1925 for a lesson on Goals?

Well, personally, I owe so much of the success of my coaching business to this book. It helped me believe, that I can achieve anything I want if I can believe it, see it, and work purposefully toward it.

The fundamentals behind it have also helped a lot of my clients in the pursuit of their dreams as well.

Instead of ‘Goal’ or ‘Intention’ or ‘Focus’, Napoleon talks about Definite Chief Aim and Definite Purpose.

In my Coaching Practice, I speak to a lot of people who are mid-life, drifting through their life, trying to make sense of stuff that has happened to them, and lacking direction but knowing that they want something different from what they currently have.

With some clients, it can take 2-3 sessions to establish what it is they really want as they divest themselves of their own and other people’s baggage.

But here’s the reality?

95% of people are drifting aimlessly through life, with little understanding of what they are best suited to.

So, they accept the status quo and settle for what they have.

For example, I’ve coached a lot of professional people, doctors, accountants, and solicitors who transitioned into jobs they now realise they don’t like but it’s the job that their parents did, so it just seemed the most natural thing in the world to do.

Others just fell into a career because it was there.

They didn’t have a Definite Chief Aim.

By establishing a Definite Chief Aim, you fix your mind with a determination to realise it. Your mind and physical actions begin to move you toward it.

The Definite Chief Aim is comprised of 3 phases:

🔥 Burning Desire

Whatever you want you need to want it with sufficient intensity to keep wanting it. You need to ACTUALLY BELIEVE YOU WILL GET IT, not ‘Wish’ but ‘Believe.’ Know that you are going to succeed.

🎯 Definite Purpose

Until you have a Definite Purpose you waste your energy and spread your thoughts too thinly over different subjects and in different directions.

➡️ Action

Once selected, write it down where you can see it every day. Your subconscious mind will eventually adopt this as a blueprint that will dominate your actions and activities and move you toward your Definite Purpose.

On the face of it 3 simple steps but the reality is they are 3 tough steps.

Which is why you choose to stay where you are.

You will get nowhere if you start nowhere. If your aim in life is vague, your achievements will also be vague.

Know what you want, when you want it, why you want it, and how you intend to get it.

A Definite Purpose is something that you must create yourself. No one will create it for you, and it will not create itself.

If you know that you deserve more and are worth more.

What are you going to do about it? And when? And how?

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