Hi, I am Michael the coach and the mindful guide behind the programs and blogs that you will find here.

I love working one to one, walking alongside a person and seeing them emerge clearer and stronger as they transition to the new and longed-for way of living and working that they want.

As an experienced Life Coach, I can help you find the clarity you need and help you harness your strengths and wisdom and create a plan of action to help you move forward.

Change is not always easy

But having a coach to support you can make a significant difference.
There is no magic wand in coaching, but it is a way to navigate and enjoy this one precious life with personal power, compassion, joy, and gratitude. I am deeply grateful that I found it for myself and happy to share it with you.

I help my clients to find effective ways for managing and coping with their problems – the ones that get in the way of them achieving their goals and enjoying their wonderful life. Life can be such a beautiful experience – rich in joy, meaning, and love, brimming with possibility and opportunity. It can also be difficult, unfair, complicated, risky, and uncertain. Similarly, we can feel full of zest and enthusiasm for our life, or we can feel weighed down, fed up, and unable to move forward.

Personally, I have collaborated worldwide with coaches, therapists, hypnotherapists, body workers, and meditation guides. I am always learning, growing, and integrating.

As a coach, I take a comprehensive approach to coaching and see your life as interconnected. I am a Life Transformation, Mindfulness, and Leadership Coach; however, my client experience has centred around navigating work-life balance, self-awareness, fulfilment, and finding life purpose.

My professional work focuses on showing people how to live and work mindfully. If you are curious about opening yourself to your power and purpose, if you want to contribute more to the world and experience a richer fuller life, then I would be happy to talk with you.

My focus is firmly on my one-to-one clients. I choose not to have any other commitments (such as group programs) so that I can channel my energy and give you the focus and attention you deserve for investing in me.

For this same reason, I also choose to work with a limited number of clients at any one time rather than cramming my diary and depleting my energy. Your success and fulfilment are my goals because they are your goals. I am deeply committed to my work alongside my continued evolution as you are committed to yours.
It has been a privilege to have helped so many people transform their lives, both personally and professionally.
Let us create your truly meaningful life.
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