A Grateful Team Is a Successful Team

In a previous post, I discussed the Importance of Gratitude in Business. So how do you take that a step further and into the teams within your business or organization?

Whether you’re C-Suite, a team leader, a manager, or an entrepreneur, you want your team to be more productive, cooperative, innovative, and communicate more openly.

Modern times require modern solutions. Thinking outside the box. Getting creative.

So, whether you’re a “problem-solving” or “relationship-focused” type of leader, implementing gratitude in your team will change the way your team functions.

But that change must begin with you.

If you feel that your team is ‘off the pace’, you have two options: the first one is to lash out: send emails with a negative slant on their performance or call them in to tell them how poorly they’re doing.

The other option is to reach out to them and express how grateful you are for their work.

‘Hold on.’ I can hear you say, do what?

Let’s backtrack.

In a previous post, you saw how research has revealed only positive things about practicing gratitude in the workplace. Employees are happier, healthier, and more engaged and relationships are better.

So, understanding the difference between lashing out and giving negative feedback (“Where’s the report you were supposed to submit?”) and being grateful (“I value your work, so if you need any help or support, please let me know”) can be game-changing.

The first approach results in lower engagement and missed deadlines, while the latter results in higher quality work, engagement, and trust!

Gratitude doesn’t only change the receiver, like the employee who receives appreciation and support from their boss, or the co-worker who’s been thanked by their colleague. Gratitude also changes the giver.

Giving thanks to someone is a special moment. It could be a defining moment, in which you not only affect the receiver, but you also change yourself.

So here are a few tips to get you started:

➡️ If you are a leader, model thankfulness. Be the change you want to see. The way your team behaves is a reflection of YOU.

➡️ Give Positive Reinforcement – to everyone, not just your favourites.

➡️ Offer Personal Development – when you offer this it shows you care and appreciate the person in front of you.

➡️ Create a Kudos Webpage or Gratitude Wall – be visible get everyone to contribute. Take delight in the small things.

➡️ Give them a break. For example: only schedule meetings during certain parts of the day, pay attention to workload and don’t overwhelm the people who work with you and for you.

➡️ Practice Active Listening. Be completely aware and focused on what the person in front of you is saying, not planning your response. Imagine what you might miss…

Cultivating gratitude at work might be a new approach for you but it is a way to build a stable, consistent, happy, and highly engaged team of employees.

Yes, it’s challenging.

But then nothing is impossible.

If you would like to explore workplace gratitude and culture further, then please get in touch.

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